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John Chow Blogging System Vs. Make Money Online

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Hunting Down Readers (how to grow your traffic and subscribers)
SEO (optimizing for google, linking strategies, etc)
Analytics (Google Analytics, social media monitoring, etc)

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  • blogging tips on content
  • monetizing your blog
  • getting more readers to your blog
  • learn Analytic s

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  • Doesn’t teach to much about driving traffic

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Operating Under stress

Coping with stress in your life

We all face many different forms of stress in our lives each and every day,even know they differ from person to person each of them impact our daily lives in some way or another…learning to manage our stress waves has never been more important in the here and now.A very big trigger for people is financial troubles,and this can if left untamed cause you to become unhealthy,and yes even age faster then normal;which lead to more illness and help form cancer cells which sets them active.So within this blog post I came going to explain how I cope with these stresses I encounter during the day.

Financial Stress

I recently lost my job,and the moment that happened bills and debt started piling up;this is turn sent my stress through the roof. right then I stopped my negative emotions and thoughts,and started to say over and over positive things like I will find a job,and that everything will be just fine.I repeated this every time that I would feel the stress ,and I would keep repeating till it left .I did this and at the same time started working out plans on how I would find a job;right down to the time I would spend job searching everyday,and never missed a detail.I stuck to my guns,and followed my plan;and in just two weeks I was back at work and everything was fine.Sometimes we don’t realize that our reactions actually cause us more damage then they bring good.The most important concept to managing stress is to change your thinking habits and thought patterns.After all you get what you think about most,so if it negative you shall receive more negative things.

Managing Stress From People In Your Life

sometimes you run into people who always know how to get on your very last nerve (laughing out loud) ; we have all been here before right? Well if this is the case then you must distance your self from the person,and if that is not an option then you must find time to get away;and enjoy spending time doing the things you love.For an example it could be something like going for a nice long walk,or reading a book in a nice and quiet area.Whatever it maybe you need to give your self time to relax,and take in the things that make you happy in your life…no one can with stand repeated stress in there life,but the good news is that there is so many things you can do to stop stress in its tracks.If you’re the type of person who enjoys nature walk then get up early,and spend the day doing something that takes your mind off of stressing and puts it back on relaxing.Know that stress will always be around but you can choose to have it not affect you..that is the power found within choice.So hope this part has given you some ideals about what to do when the stress waves are on a roll.


Stress is something that happens,now change the way you let it affect you within your life.By changing how you feel about something you change the take these ideals and see just how much better they make you feel,and just how they will change your life for the better.Never let anything hold you back from how you want to feel,or the things you want to do not even stress.So go out there and take the world by storm because you have always held the power within you.Thank you for taking the time to read this post,hope if anything it lights a flame in your mind that help you in your future;bye for now happy blogging people.

Pay Attention

Paying Attention and why it is important in life?


One must agree that they true value of a persons company is measured by how much they pay attention to you,and help you grow;and in order to be a great partner you must pay attention to your lover.So many times we ignore pay attention by saying to our partner that we currently have to much things on our plates at once,but in order to love somebody you must notice everything,and remember special dates like anniversary’s date nights ect;but not to many of us do and wonder why our relationships are not going so well..there is an old saying that it is the little things that truly count,and that hits the nail right on the head.So never forget to ask your partner how their day was,or they will feel like you just don’t care about what is going on with them anymore. Little things like doing the dishes so they don’t have to when they get home from work,or running them a nice hot bath so they can relax when they get home.Taking the time to make dinner for your loved one,and giving them your full attention can insure you have a loving relationship for years to come.Everybody is the world wants to be loved by their partners,and many women base this off of how well you listen to them and pay attention…so invest some time into your partner they will love you for it and in turn you get to smile because you made them happy.Life is to short to miss out on the greatest thing of all spending time with someone you truly love smiling everyday and maintaining that for many years into the future.So take the time to listen and pay attention because it is the key that unlocks the heart.


So many people go for walks all the time but yet never truly pay attention to their should listen to that bird sing,and soak up that sunlight and enjoy the warmth.Also look around you because you can get so many creative ideals from seeing how people interact,and learn what problems are going around that maybe you can help with;you can gain so much knowledge just by doing this one little thing,and forget about the stresses in your life and just enjoy that moment and brain storm or just simply relax your mind,and let it flow.Paying attention when you’re out makes you feel that much more safe,and feeds your mind with tons of information to be used later down the road…so never lose sight of paying attention because it is truly your best friend.

This is just a small post today but the thing I wish you to take home from this is that you must slow that world down from time to time,and truly become one with pay attention because the benefits you can receive would blow your mind.Focus has always been a key element in life so use it to your advantage for great health love and wealth.Life is about living so get out there and take your day by storm and show your love one just how much you care.This is dark yoda signing off for now hope to hit you all with another random thought soon,till then keep blogging.